About Us

Cosy Craft is a family run business in the North East of England since 2012. Our journey started by vising a variety of markets and selling the products there. You can visit our stall  at York Shambles Market on Saturdays and Sundays.

We specialise in selling only Hand Made clay products manufactured in the EU. Not just that, we proud our selves in providing products with a vast amount of detail in them. You may even spot artists' finger prints on some of our products. That's the true sign of Hand Made.

Our products are not made by machines that work 24/7, we don't want that, and we believe our customers don't want that too.

We only sell products that make us smile, in turn we hope that they will also make our customers smile too.

Our products range from Figurines, Insence Burners, Tea Light Holders, a variety of Money Bank sizes, as well as our new Ale Tankards.