Owl H14cm

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Owl with a Tea Cup Incense Burner is Hand made using Red Clay, Fired and Hand painted with various colour glaze. There are one hole for the flavoured incense smoke to escape.

This beautiful Incense burner will add a very nice touch to your home and would make an ideal gift for any occasion or that quirky friend that everyone has. Every incense burner has a Clay incense cone stand included. 

Measurements approx.:

Height 14cm

To light the incense cone:

  • Hold the tip of the cone over a flame. 
  • Wait for a few seconds till the tip burns evenly forming a red glow.
  • Blow out the flame and place the cone on the stand provided.
  • Place the Burner on top and the smoke will come out of its mouth.
  • When incense cone burns out (approx. 20min) wait until clay stand cools down and then discard the ashes

Please, handle with care as flame can cause fire. Keep away from children whilst in use. The Cone stand is fairly small and it should be kept away from children.

Please note: Each item is 100% handmade, so colours and shapes may differ from the main picture. 


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